Capital city governments recognise the high use of plastic items and packaging in our cities. Most capital cities are introducing innovative ways to avoid and responsibly manage the waste and recycling materials generated by plastic products. An outline of these initiatives is included in Appendix 1 attached to this submission.

The CCCLM congratulates the Minister for the Environment and Water on her announcement that Australia has joined the High Ambition Coalition to End Plastic Pollution and the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, demonstrating Australia’s commitment to end plastic pollution by 2040. Australia has a significant opportunity in demonstrating great leadership in tackling this international issue.

We acknowledge that Minister highlights that plastic pollution is a global problem requiring global solutions – we would add that capital city governments are a critical partner in the delivery of many of the solutions to meet Australia’s commitment to reducing consumption of plastics.

CCCLM Submission to the inquiry into plastic pollution – Final 22 12 22