As a city of over 400,000 people, Canberra plays many roles—it is our national capital, host to the Australian Government, home to famous national institutions and internationally recognised for the quality of its education and research institutions.

However, Canberra is not just the nation’s capital; it is also the centre of a unique city-state jurisdiction serving the people of the ACT and an economic and service centre for south-east NSW. As a result Canberra has the identity of a national, territory and regional capital.

A cultural capital

Canberra is commonly referred to as the ‘bush capital’, and is known for its clean air, open spaces and family-friendly way of life. Canberrans also have access to world class cultural institutions and collections and a calendar of vibrant events, including Enlighten, the National Multicultural Festival and Floriade.

In 2017, Canberra welcomed 4.98 million visitors and the city was also named the world’s third best on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018.

The ACT has the fastest economic growth of all states and territories and one of the most secure economies in the nation. The presence of the Commonwealth Government, embassies and tertiary institutions, regional reach and a vibrant business community, provides unique access to research, information, key decision-makers and the chance to explore international markets.

Chief Minister profile: Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr,Chief Minister of Canberra.

Andrew Barr,Chief Minister of Canberra.

As a social progressive and economic reformer, Andrew has led a positive agenda for Canberra since being elected ACT Chief Minister in 2014.

He was elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly in 2006 and has served in a number of Ministerial portfolios including planning, education, housing, community services and sport. He is Australia’s longest-serving Tourism Minister and is also the ACT Treasurer and Minister for Economic Development.

During Andrew’s time as ACT Chief Minister, Canberra has been ranked by the OECD as the best city in the world to live and by Lonely Planet as one of the best cities in the world to visit.

Andrew is passionate about supporting Canberra’s diverse community. Through a range of innovative policies, he has helped shape Canberra to become Australia’s most inclusive city and the most LGBTIQ-friendly city in the country.

The Barr Labor Government is focused on creating a positive, progressive city that provides world-class healthcare, excellent schools and tertiary education, infrastructure and services that meets the community’s needs and expectations.

Over the next few years, Andrew will ensure Canberra is a shining example of contemporary urban renewal, with the city’s main avenues and public transport revitalised.

Through nation-leading tax reform, he aims to make Canberra a fairer place to live that leaves no-one behind.