Adelaide is a cosmopolitan 21st century city, strategically located near the centre of the national network of major Capital Cities in Australia.

Adelaide (Tandanya) is located on the land of the indigenous Kaurna people and is the capital of South Australia, proclaimed in 1836 as Australia’s first self-supporting, planned English colony; free of convict labour.

The City of Adelaide was the first municipal corporation in Australia (1840).

A small city by world standards, but big on amenity and style, the city is rated one of the safest, cleanest, greenest, most affordable, comfortable and convenient boutique cities in the world.

Renowned for its friendly, helpful people; one in four ‘Adelaidians’ are immigrants representing 130 different ethnic backgrounds.

The City sits on the shores of the Gulf St Vincent on a wide plain surrounded by rolling hills and white sandy beaches, under a clean blue sky with average daily temperatures of 25 degrees.

It is a city that blends picturesque, wide and sunny boulevards, with charming, bustling streets, heritage architecture; surrounded by the world recognised Adelaide Park Lands.

Adelaide is a smart, vibrant, energetic, artistic City (UNESCO City of Music) and an intelligent learning city where education has long played a leading role in the community.

Leigh Street, one of Adelaide laneways.

The quality and diversity of the programs offered at the city’s universities, and wide range of public and private institutions of further education and research in the city centre, give Adelaide an outstanding competitive advantage in the provision of educational services.

Gateway to world class wineries, the great outback and Elon Musk’s Big Battery, Adelaide is a premier destination for overseas visitors.

The construction of optical fibre networks in the CBD; NBN Co, GigCity and Ten Gigabit Adelaide, makes Adelaide one of the most connected cities in the world and a great place to do business.

Lord Mayor profile

Sandy Verschoor

Lord Mayor, Sandy Verschoor

Sandy is a first-generation Australian of Dutch, French, Portuguese and Ceylonese descent. Her parents gave her a deep-rooted understanding of business, an adventurous spirit, commercial acumen and a love of the arts. Sandy is married to Gregg Mitchell, a graphic designer and artist, and has two daughters, and a son.

Sandy was elected as an Area Councillor in the 2015 by-election and served as Deputy Lord Mayor from June 2017 to November 2018. She has had a career in both the public and private enterprise, not-for-profits, and Local and State government, including three years as General Manager City Culture and Community Services for the City of Adelaide.

Sandy has contributed to the success of Adelaide’s thriving arts and culture community for more than two decades, including having been CEO of the Adelaide Fringe and the Adelaide Festival, as well as producer of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas in 2018. She has been on numerous boards including the Adelaide Convention Bureau, Premier’s Climate Change Council, Adelaide Film Festival, Capital City Committee, as well as a trustee of the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust and Chairs a disability housing solutions organisation Aliro Ltd.

As Lord Mayor, Sandy is keen to keep costs low for residents and businesses by reducing red tape, strengthening Adelaide’s global reputation for culture, climate change action, and entrepreneurialism, preserving Adelaide’s heritage, and enhancing the city’s precincts and main streets for the benefit of local small business owners and the community.