The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause devastating social and economic impacts in Australia’s cities, highlighting the vulnerabilities of our central business and entertainment districts. Cities have been (and continue to be) disproportionately impacted by ongoing cessation of activity by the reduction of city workforces, and the gradual return of international and domestic tourism and international students.

Lord Mayors acknowledge and welcome economic stimulus funding allocated during 2020 and 2021, through the Local Government Roads and Community Funding. The pandemic has illustrated how effective solutions, delivered by Australian Governments at all levels, can contribute to the recovery of our cities. This has demonstrated and renewed the pathways for ongoing partnerships that has the opportunity of building city resilience into the future.

Investment in Australian cities would provide direct investment in the jobs, infrastructure and resources that are essential for their economic recovery and future. Capital city councils stand ready to partner with the Australian Government to support the recovery of our cities.

2022-2023 Pre-Budget submission FINAL 28 01 22