Following the COP26 conference in Glasgow, capital city Lord Mayors support calls to intensify action on climate change in Australia.

The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) welcomes announcements of investment aimed at accelerating the electrification of transport; opportunities being developed that address healthy soils using food and organic waste; and plans for a national strategy to build resilience.

To keep Australian cities among the world’s most liveable we must adapt quickly to the new challenges and pressures of climate change. To achieve this, local, state and federal governments need to work together, with businesses, educational institutions, community organisations and city residents to ensure the long-term prosperity, liveability and sustainability of our cities.

Australia’s capital city Lord Mayors are committed to advancing collaborative climate action. CCCLM Chair, Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner said “the CCCLM has made it clear it is ready to work with the Federal and State/Territory governments to ensure the sustainable growth of our cities and support the prosperity of all Australia – local government has an important role to play in implementing solutions to address climate change”.

With support, local government would be able to build on their innovative suite of solutions that provide opportunities that contribute to achieving Australian targets well and truly ahead of plan. As outlined in the attached, our cities are delivering innovative and smart solutions. Lord Mayors know that with a concerted effort and by working together, Australia can achieve and even exceed global climate change targets.

MR-151121 – Meeting net zero