The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) has developed a globally unique statistical tool which captures the scale, diversity and direction of the development of local, state and federal Night Time Economy (NTE) activity in Australia.

Consistency of local comparative performance measurement has been a hallmark of the approach of the work commissioned by the Local Government Safe Cities Network (LGSCN) over the last eight years and these outcomes can be accessed by participating local government areas (LGAs) that sign up to the use of CCCLM’s NTE Profiler tool.

In this latest iteration the scope of this tool has been extended beyond the current LGSCN members to examine and evidence data for 88 LGAs. This includes those LGAs that are among the top 21 growing cities in Australia as well as a number of LGAs selected on the basis of their population or because they are known to be working on their NTE strategy.

The report is available here: Measuring-the-Australian-NTE_2016-17_FINAL_2018-09-14