The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) welcomed the release of Infrastructure Australia’s 15 year Infrastructure Plan, released on 17 February, 2016.

Lord Mayors were pleased to note that in addition to a priority list of projects, the Infrastructure Plan’s key recommendations include a sensible approach to reform on delivery of Australian infrastructure needs – including planning and decision making – which will pave the way for a more efficient process for the benefit of all Australians and the economy.

The Lord Mayor of Darwin, and Chair of the CCCLM, Katrina Fong Lim commented that “Lord Mayors are pleased to see that public transport rate highly in the priority list, with metro rail systems in the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney; public transport initiatives in Perth, Adelaide and Canberra; urban renewal in Hobart and water supply upgrade project in Darwin being included in the recommended key investment projects.

“We commend Infrastructure Australia’s plan, and are pleased that incentives to ease congestion in and around our cities have been identified and proposals that provide some solutions have been included. In addition, it is pleasing to note the Plan seeks to take a step forward in managing the growth in Australia’s population through reforms to infrastructure, services, and housing.”

CCCLM looks forward the Government’s response to the IA report, as well as participating in further discussion on its implementation with our Federal and State government counterparts.