The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) welcomes this week’s release of the National Electric Vehicle strategy. The strategy provides a clear focus on encouraging the take up of electric vehicles in Australia, supported by the supply of appropriate infrastructure and fuel efficiency standards.

“Lord Mayors support stronger action on addressing transport related emissions, the National Electric Vehicle strategy will boost take up of private electric vehicles and provides a clear plan for infrastructure to support electric cars as they become more prevalent” said CCCLM Chair, Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp.

“We are pleased that consultation has commenced on a fuel efficiency standard – Australia is the only OECD country without standards. Addressing Australia’s fuel efficiency standard will increase consumer choice and quality of electric vehicles, whilst reducing emissions and providing improved air quality, liveability and health benefits in communities”.

In welcoming the strategy and policy direction on electric cars, complementary planning and policies should be implemented that seeks to shift reliance on private single occupancy vehicles and commuting mode-share to public and active transport. “Providing a shift to public and active transport will reduce the reliance on cars for inner city residents” said the Lord Mayor, “policy and infrastructure settings to provide safe walkable and rideable cities, limiting car parking in new developments and encouraging car sharing schemes would also deliver benefits in reducing both emissions and congestion in our cities”.

This strategy will provide Australians with better access to clean modern road transport technology and ensure infrastructure and industries are coordinated in supporting this transition.