Australia’s capital city Lord Mayors and the ACT Chief
Minister ask the Federal Government to prioritise social
and affordable housing in inner-cities as a key infrastructure

The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) calls
on the Federal Government to work with states and
territories to fund and deliver the urgent development
of inner-city sites as social and affordable housing.

This would have a transformative effect on Australia’s
economy and society:

• Providing a vital pathway out of homelessness and
preventing people from becoming homeless by rapidly
increasing social housing stock;

• Addressing extreme and severe rental stress
experienced by people on low incomes in the private
rental market by enabling them to rent affordable

• Addressing the housing affordability crisis by ensuring
essential and key workers such as nurses, paramedics,
teachers, retail and hospitality staff can afford to live
in our cities; and

• Generating jobs in the construction sector providing
much needed support for this sector of the economy.

Capital Concern Homelessness in Australian Capital