Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle has handed over the Chairmanship of the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) to the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin Haese for 2015.

“CCCLM works to foster a united, partnership approach with other levels of government on important issues affecting our communities,” Lord Mayor Doyle said.

“Cities are the level of government closest to their constituents and therefore are in a unique position to act. We are the economic engine rooms of Australia: generating two-thirds of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product and housing three quarters of our workforce.

“I am confident that Lord Mayor Haese will be an effective leader and will continue to further CCCLM’s work on important issues such as Alcohol Management, Emissions Reductions, Homelessness and International Education.”

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said as the first local government to be formed in Australia, it was fitting that the City of Adelaide would take on the responsibility for chairing the CCCLM in the year it celebrates its 175th anniversary.

“This is an exciting time for Adelaide; like all big cities we are benefiting from the growth that comes from significant infrastructure investment from all levels of government and the private sector, an influx of international students and a renaissance in people’s appreciation of the colour and movement within their own CBD.

“While acknowledging these benefits, forums like CCCLM are critical because they bring cities together to help manage the challenges associated with that growth in a practical, constructive and in many cases, sensitive and socially responsible way,” Martin said.

“This is also an important year for the CCCLM to step up and play an active role in the Federation Reform process, ensuring that all Australian Governments remain clear on the value major cities contribute to productivity within the Australian economy.

“At the end of this year my firm desire is that the City of Adelaide can hand on the Chairmanship to the next capital city and know that we have played a genuine role in contributing to sharing information, spreading best practice, improving relationships at all levels of Government and making our ever growing cities more effective and better places to live, work and visit,” he said.

For more than 50 years, CCCLM has been working to advance the value that our cities contribute to the nation, with membership including Lord Mayors from Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and the ACT Chief Minister.

The CCCLM Chair rotates on a yearly basis.