On Friday 26 August, representatives from Australia’s capital cities joined with state and territory environment ministers and officials in a Climate Change Roundtable hosted by the ACT Government.

The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) welcomed the Roundtable, and its acknowledgement of the important role that the cities and regions have in implementing effective climate action in Australia.

Australia’s capital cities are at the forefront of climate action in Australia, including the implementation and management of programs to:

  • improve the energy efficiency of buildings, homes and streetlights;
  • reduce vehicle emissions;
  • improve and decarbonise our energy supply; and
  • significantly reduce the emissions of city operations.

CCCLM welcomes the commitment of the members of the Roundtable to work collectively to deliver low-carbon social and economic benefits to our respective jurisdictions, whilst helping to deliver effective climate action for all.

There was agreement from the members of the Roundtable to focus on the following areas as priorities:

  • Ensuring the development and implementation of effective national climate change policy settings, in recognition of the 2015 Paris Agreement and emphasise the critical importance of states, territories and local governments having direct and material input into the 2017 review of Australia’s national climate policy;
  • Engage with Planning and Building Ministers on opportunities to accelerate consistent, stronger, and cost effective standards and guidelines where appropriate for sustainability and efficiency in new and existing residential and commercial building performance;
  • Promoting a national framework for meeting Australia’s international climate change commitments at least cost, integrating climate policy with energy policy, including support for ongoing efforts to strengthen energy networks and markets;
  • To work together on policies and programmes targeting low emission vehicles, renewable energy and energy storage technologies including opportunities for cost reduction through collaboration;
  • Supporting innovation in low carbon technologies and materials such as timber, and develop supply chains and business models that accelerate penetration of carbon reducing practices.

Australia’s capital cities are leaders in the implementation of climate action in Australia, and look forward to enhanced collaboration with our federal, state and territory counterparts in this critical area.