The CCCLM submission draws from recent research and seeks a partnership with supporting policy and programs to create the environment for integrated infrastructure planning and delivery. In summary, the CCCLM

  • Partnering to improve the accessibility and productivity in Australia’s capital cities to address how projects are planned, agreed and funded
  • Progressing the further development and implementation of the COAG Reform Council’s Cities Task Force recommendations by Federal, State and Territory and Local governments (including a mechanism for industry and academic engagement)
  • Partnerships by all levels of government to unlock innovative funding solutions to deliver infrastructure projects in Australia’s cities that are part of an integrated long term plan
  • Adoption of the smart growth model to ensure that federal funding is directed to the right projects in the right locations
  • the development of a mechanism where knowledge is shared to enable solutions to the challenges facing our cities.

CCCLM Submission – 15 Infrastructure Plan FINAL